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Factors Affecting Plants

A great resource which helps explain how plants grow.

Parts of a Plant

An excellent resource to use to encourage a class discussion about parts of a plant.

Inside a Flower

An in-depth tutorial that explains all the parts inside a flower.

Life Cycle of a Plant

Children drag and drop words to the correct parts of a plant and then move pictures to complete a plant life cycle.

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Plant Reproduction

A great investigation of plant reproduction where children learn about the parts of a flower and their role in pollination.

Parts of a Flower

Click on the different parts of a strawberry plant from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers to the fruit to have each part explained in detail.

Plant Life Cycles

Children watch an animation of a cycle of a plant, complete a comprehension and do a quiz to consolidate their learning.

World Biomes

Click on different biomes from around the world to learn about that environment and their animals that live there.

Soil Horizons

Take a look under the ground at the soil that helps healthy plants grow.

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