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Life Cycles

A drag and drop activity where children move the pictures to the right places to complete the life cycle of a frog and/or a human.


Videos on living things and metamorphosis. The videos include a butterfly, salmon fly or grasshopper.

Food Webs

A great tool to investigate what food webs are and how it is a part of nature.

Build an Online Habitat

Change things like weather, vegetation, and environment to create the perfect habitat for different animals.

Humans and Animal Habitats

A great resource where children investigate a wide variety of different habitats and decide which animals would live there.

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The Life Cycle of a Frog

A wonderful resource that explains each stage of a frog’s life.

Food Webs

A great resource where children learn about food chains and more complex feeding relationships using food webs.

World Biomes

Click on different biomes from around the world to learn about that environment and their animals that live there.

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