Race against the clock to add apostrophes to the contractions. Need to use a keyboard to play.

Making Contractions

A fantastic tutorial which explains contractions and illustrates the function of an apostrophe.


Children play memory game to match the homophones. 3 different levels to play.

Millionaire Game

Children play the TV show game Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to answer grammar based questions.

Grammar Park Practice

Children choose if the sentence is a statement, question, exclamation or command and then add the correct punctuation.

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Children click on the bubble that has the correct conjunction.

Homophone Duck Shoot

Play the carnival game like 'Duck Shoot' by reading the sentence and picking the homophone.


Click on the homophones to hear a definition of the word.

Syllable Balance

Make the equal arm balance even by placing a word with the same number of syllables on both sides.

Apostrophe For Possession

A fantastic tutorial which explains how to use apostrophes for possession and ask students questions to answer.

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