Hand Over

A great resource that demonstrates subtraction using a hand to cover counters and students work out how many have been hidden.

Street Orchestra

A great introduction to subtraction where children to take away pictures & then moves to using numbers & pictures to represent subtraction.

Subtraction Harvest

Use the apples on the tree to help work out the simple subtraction problems.

Add and Subtract 10

A wonderful resource where children practise addition and subtraction in the range 1-10, using on-screen number blocks.

Bottle Take Away

A grear open ended resource where children can sing 'Ten Green Bottles' as the song plays click on the bottles to let them smash to the ground.

10 Frame Manipulatives

A wonderful open ended resource that can be used for addition, subtration, multiplication and division.

Simple Take Away

A great resource where children learn to subtract within 5 or 10. Teachers can also make their own subtraction sums within 10.


A wonderful open-ended demonstration tool to show the 'Part-Part-Whole Model' for addition and subtraction.

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Fisher Boat

A great introduction to subtraction where children use pictures and numbers to work out subtraction problems.

Addition and Subtraction

A great in-depth tutorial that is a fantastic introduction to addition and subtraction.

Word Problems

A great open ended resource where teachers can generate maths word problems. Teachers can specify the operation and range where the answer will fall.

Mental Maths Train

An amazingly versatile resource which focuses on the language of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Ocean Comparisons

Let’s learn some basic addition and subtraction! Take a dive in the ocean and watch as fish come and go then find out how many there are total.

Five Fat Sausages

A funny and engaging resource where children can sing 'Five Fat Sausages" and pop the sausages to see how many are left.

Sum Scales

A wonderful open-ended teaching tool that can be used to demonstrate how to make sums equal.

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