Mummy Number Lines

Children answer questions using a number line. Teachers select addition or subtraction questions and difficulty.

Math Match

A memory game where children match addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions.


A great resource where children answer the questions to mark off numbers on bingo cards.

100 Hunt

Use a number chart to add 10 to a given number.

Funky Mommy - Addition

Answer the addition questions up to make the mummy dance. Children will love this game

Adding 10 Submarine

2 players try to sink the other child's submarine by adding 10 to the number. Great with an onscreen keyboard.

Mahjong Maths Addition

Use addition to play a game of Mahjong where children match addition questions to answers. A great resource to revise addition.

Reindeer Cafe

Serve the reindeer customers quickly by answering the addition questions.

Penguin Addition

Answer the addition question by feeing the fish to the penguin displaying the correct number.

Deep Dive Addition

Choose number facts to practice and take a dive into the ocean to answer the addition questions.

Marble Drop

Catch the dropping marbles to add up to the given number. Need to use a keyboard to play.

Pirate Add

Help the pirate through the ship by answering the addition questions. Choose to use any number facts up to 10.


Watch the egg change into a butterfly by answering the addition questions.

Woods Easy

Use the picture cues to determine what double the number is.

Best Maths Friends

A great word problem game where children help different animals to answer addition and subtraciton word problems.

Gobbling Goblins

In the great maths game children use their maths skills to create fearsome feasts for the fussiest foodies!

Hopping Number Line

Practice counting, subtraction, addition, or multiplication in this easy to play activity. 


A wonderful open-ended demonstration tool to show the 'Part-Part-Whole Model' for addition and subtraction.

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Sum Scales

A wonderful open-ended teaching tool that can be used to demonstrate how to make sums equal.

Monster Crossing

Children answer word a problem question and then move the monster to the correct answer. Base on the game Frogger.

Count on Me

A fantastic tutorial that explains addition sums and games for children to play.

Mental Maths Train

An amazingly versatile resource which focuses on the language of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Frog Jumps

Use the number line to help the frog jump to the next lily pad. The addition questions go up to 30.

Cone Flurry

Keep the customers happy by serving the right ice cream. A great resource to revise addition.

Alien Lunch

Give the aliens their lunch by correctly answering the addition questions.

Jet Ski Addition

Play against children around the world to race the jet ski. Answer addition questions to make the jet ski go faster.

Farmyard Dash

Help the farmer get the sheep back to the farm by correctly answering the addition questions.

Marble Maths

Solve the simple addition problems. Children can use marbles to help solve the problem.

The Big Yellow Bus

Race against the clock to put all the children in their correct bus seats by answering the addition question up to 12.

Add and Subtract 10

A wonderful resource where children practise addition and subtraction in the range 1-10, using on-screen number blocks.

Word Problems

A great open ended resource where teachers can generate maths word problems. Teachers can specify the operation and range where the answer will fall.

Baxley the Bear

A fast paced addition game where children help Baxley catch fish by quickly solving the addition problem.

Chopper Rescue

A great game for children to practice adding either 1 or 10 to given numbers.

Place Value Addition

A great resource which uses base 10 blocks to help solve larger additio problems.

100 Hunt

Children find numbers on a number square. Change the settings to find the number 10 or 20 more or less than the given number.

Drag and Drop Maths

A great resource to practice and teach one, two, three or four digit addition.

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