Spelling Central

Teachers enter up to 25 spelling words for children to use in 4 different online games.

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A great way to practice both given words and custom spelling words. Children use the keyboard to type the given word to shoot down the alien ships.

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Use Your Own Words

Use Given Words

Torture the Teacher

Children read 2 words and click on the word spelt incorrectly to frustrate the teacher.

Word Madness

Children click on the basketball that spells the mystery word correctly.

Spelling Bees

Race against other players around the world to spell the given words correctly.

Hang Mouse

Choose from over 200 topics to generate words to play a game similar to hang man.

Mark the Spelling

Sort the given spelling words into correct or incorrect columns.

Ough Words

A wonderful resource that teaches children how to read and say the different pronunciations of 'ough'

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Children rearrange the letters to spell the given word correctly.

Spelling Practice

Listen to the word given by the dragon and rearrange the letters on the screen so it is spelt correctly.

Crossword Puzzles

Choose from over 50 themes to create a crossword puzzle to complete.

Letter Blocks

A game similar to Candy Crush, instead children find words to spell out to make the blocks disappear.

Tricky Words

Try and word out the spelling of these tricky words. Select from 3 possible words.

Syllable Balance

Make the equal arm balance even by placing a word with the same number of syllables on both sides.


Move the strips up or down to make a four lettered word.

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