A great resource that starts with a tutorial and then activities for the children to consolidate their understanding.

Fraction Splat

A great game where children look at fractions represented as pictures and click on equal parts and simple fractions.

Fraction Monkeys

A great introduction to equivalent fractions, children move the monkeys to the correct place on the number line.

Fraction Fiddle Tool

A great tool to see what happens when you change the numerals in a fraction. Then build the two fractions and compare them on a number line.

Fraction Finder

Fraction Finder is a great resource that help demonstrates how to find the fraction of a number.

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Ways to Make Fractions

An amazing resource where children can visualise fractions in three different ways to better understand parts of a whole.

Fraction Tutorial

A great teaching tool that explains fraction and has a number of activities.

Let's Make a Pizza

A great introduction to fractions by making a pizza and cutting it into different fractions.

Fraction Set

A great game where children match the fraction to the picture.

What Fraction?

A fantastic resource where children experiment with fractions.

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