Simple Patterns

Sort colour, shape and picture patterns.

The Sequence Game

Sequence the shapes in the correct order.

Chicken Dance

Choose the next shape in the pattern to make the chicken dance.

Patterns and More Patterns

A great resource that looks at shape, size and colour patterns in detail.

Shape Pattern

Children complete the pattern by adding 2D shapes, 3 levels to play.

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The Building Game

Use blocks to create colour patterns.

Bead String Patterns

Look at the pattern and select which picture should come next.

Eiffel Tower

A wonderful resource that has 4 different games where children complete the picture patterns.

Tea Shop

4 different games where children arrange items in the tea shop to make patterns.

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Rainbow Juice

Help the Maxine the unicorn to get the ringlet of hope by completing the number patterns.

Caterpillar Ordering

A wonderful and versatile game where children order numbers from smallest to biggest.

Count Me In

A great range of activities to familiarise learners with numbers to 20, 50 and 100 and the times tables up to 10.

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Put numbers, prices and weights in the correct order.

Higher and Lower

A great resource which has lots of examples of ordering numbers from simple ordering numbers to 10.

Number Table

A great game where children practise sequencing numbers by placing counters on a table.

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Patterns Using Pictures

Patterns Using Numbers