4 games where children investigate 2D shapes and their line of symmetry.


Children identify and click on circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and ovals.

Shape Pictures

Children look at a shape picture and discuss the shapes they can see, they can then make their own picture using 2D shapes.

Chicken Blast Off

Use 2D shapes to build the chickens a rocket.

The Sequence Game

Sequence the shapes in the correct order.

Simple Patterns

Sort colour, shape and picture patterns.


A great open ended activity where children practice the basics of geometry in this math activity.

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Truck Stop

4 great games where children identify 2D shapes in a picture and sort them by size.

Hamburger Restaurant

Children use their knowledge of shapes to help by identifying for 2D shapes in the restaurant, decorating a bulletin board and completing patterns.

Highlight Zone

Find the 2D shapes in the picture to bring back all the colours.


Listen to the name of the shape and then find it in the picture.

Sorting Shapes

A great teaching tool to investigate the properties of 2D shapes, for example parallel lines, angles, symmetry and much more.

2D and 3D Shapes

Match the 2D and 3D shapes with the photos.

Pattern Blocks

A great open ended resource to diplay and manipulate 2D shapes.

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Shapes and Right Angles

A great worksheet to print out for children to consolidate learning about 2D shapes and counting up their right angles.

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Printable Resources

Name Tags

Wonderful printable name tags to place on children's desks and use as a visual cue for letters, numbers, colours and shapes.

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