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Digestive System

This whiteboard activity is intended to support teaching the digestive system and explaining how we digest our food.

The Digestive System

Children label different parts of the digestive system and then complete a multiple choice quiz about the digestive system.

Skeletal System

Children can either label or assemble the human skeletal system.

Build a Skeleton

Move bones like puzzle pieces to make the skeleton of different animals.

Growing and Moving

Move the labels to the correct bone in the human body.


Children learn how the muscles are use to make the body and organs move.

All about the Brain

An in-depth tutorial that explains the different parts of the brain and what it controls in the body.

Senses Challenge

A great way to put the children's senses to the test by trying to answer the 20 questions that are designed to trick our senses.

Why Do I Need My Teeth?

A great resource that investigates teeth and what they are made of.


A great resource that promotes class discussion about smoking and its effects on the body.


A great resource that promotes class discussion about exercise and how it makes your body healthy.

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All Systems

Children put all the parts of the digestive, nervous, skeletal, circulatory and respiratory system back into the body.


Children investigate how food is digested through from the mouth, stomach, duodenum, ileum, colon through to the exit.

The Skeleton

A fantastic tutorial about the human skeleton that explains the makeup of bones and where they are in the body.

The Heart

A great resource that explains how the heart works and how children can feel their heart beat through their pulse.

Making Connections

A great tutorial that explains how we use our senses to make connections to piece together information.

How Do We Taste?

A great tutorial that outlines the way humans sense taste and how the tongue works.

The Sensitivity of Your Skin

Learn about how the human skin is sensitive and what the body does when something touches the skin.

How Do We See?

Children learn how the eye works to see things as well as the anatomy of the eye.

How Do We Hear?

A wonderful tutorial that explains how the ear works to hear sounds.

Parts of the Ear

Children click on different parts of the ear to find out what it is called and some information about it.

Healthy Eating

A great resource that looks at making healthy eating choices.

Benefits of Exercise

An informative tutorial that explains the benefits of exercising.

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