BBQ Party

4 activities to choose from, the last activity puts up to 3 digit numbers into patterns.

Eiffel Tower

Click on games 3 and 4 to investigate number patterns.

School Bus

Help the students in the bus create and continue number patterns.

Number Square

A great open ended number square teachers can use for a variety of maths lessons.

Moon Rock Patterns

Use coloured moon rocks to complete the patterns.

Higher and Lower

A great resource where children order numbers to 10, fractions, decimals or negative and positive numbers.

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Surfing Patterns

A great resource to practice creating and continuing picture and number patterns.

Wild Park

A great resource to introduce and explain number patterns to children. 4 games to play.


Use whole numbers, fractions, decimals or shapes to continue the number patterns. Lots of different levels to select as well.

Number Table

A great game where children practise sequencing numbers by placing counters on a table.

Caterpillar Ordering

A wonderful and versatile game where children order numbers from smallest to biggest.

Saucer Sorter

A great open ended resource to demonstrate numbers. Teachers can hide numbers and rearrange them to put them in the correct order again.

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