My Reading Tools

A fantastic game where children use different tools to read words and simple sentences.

Dragon's Jumble - Garden

Help a forgetful dragon remember what he did in his garden. First, look at three pictures. Next, choose sentences that describe the pictures.

Syllable Balance

Make the equal arm balance even by placing a word with the same number of syllables on both sides


Simple Sentences

Move the cards to under the word that is a matching synonym

Antonym Splat

See how long it takes to splat 10 correct antonyms to the word displayed at the bottom.

Vocabulary Adventure

A great comprehension activity where children expand their vocabulary while learning about a circus.

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Wonderful Words - Pets

In this fun game children need to liven up sentences by adding descriptive words and see what happens to the pictures.

Wordmaker Machine

Move letters into the word maker machine to make cvc and cvcc words.

Writing Runway

A fantastic open ended resource where teachers write a sentence which is then jumbled up for children to rearrange.

Make a Digital Book

Children turn a story about a duck, written for children aged between three and four, into a digital book with illustrations and voice narration.

Crossword Puzzles

Choose from over 50 themes to create a crossword puzzle to complete.

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