Shark Numbers

Use base 10 blocks or cups to represent numbers up to 999.

Ice Cream Shop

Help in the Ice Cream Shop by sorting and investigating 3 digit numbers. 6 great games to play.

Base 10 Bingo

Use Base 10 blocks to play bingo. Teachers can select to play with units, tens, hundreds and/or thousands.

Number Square

A great open ended number square teachers can use for a variety of maths lessons.

Numbers on a Number Line

Move the flag up or down the number line to the correct position.


Rescue the swimmer by using knowledge of ones, tens and hundreds. to move the boat on the number line to find the position of the swimmer.

Roman Numerals

A great resource to learn and practice using Roman numerals.

Base 10

A great open ended resource where children can add thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

Maths Machine

Students randomly select numbers by spinning the wheels to represent thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

Place Value Basketball

A fun, base ten blocks game where children practice what each digit in a either a two or three digit number represents.


A great open ended resource where teachers can display numbers up to millions and down to 6 decimal places.

Post a Letter

Help the postman by listen to the number and deliver mail it to the correct door.

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Place Value Pieces

A great open ended tool to demonstrate numbers using base 10 blocks.

Flip Counter

A great open ended resource where teachers can demonstrate numbers from zero to the ten thousands.

Sheep Farm

Learn more about 3 digit numbers by helping the farmer on his sheep farm.

Arrow Cards

A great tool to use to demonstrate 3 digit numbers using arrow cards, an abacus and place value bricks.


A great tournament that will really challenge students understanding of place value in whole numbers and decimals.

Base 10 Fun

Use the base 10 blocks to make the 2 or 3 digit numbers given.

Inca Temple

6 games to play that investigate 3 digit numbers. For example number patterns, ordering numbers and rounding numbers.

Place Value

A wonderful tutorial which explains place value from units to thousands.

Place Value Workshop

A great activity where children move Base 10 blocks to make the given number.

Soccer Math - Rounding

A great game where children can pick from level 1 to 3 and then round the given numbers.

Range Arranger

A great game where children build a tower tall enough to reach into space. The blocks must be stacked in the correct order, smallest to largest.

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