Monster Crossing

Children answer word a problem question and then move the monster to the correct answer. Base on the game Frogger.

Horizontal Addition

A great introduction to addition of 2 or 3 digit numbers. Group tens and ones to help with understanding of place value.

Jet Ski Addition

Play against children around the world to race the jet ski. Answer addition questions to make the jet ski go faster.

Drag and Drop

A great resource to practice and teach one, two, three or four digit addition.

Word Problems

A great open ended resource where teachers can generate maths word problems. Teachers can specify the operation and range where the answer will fall.

Game Show

A great maths game where children practice addition and subtraction word problems. Count by ones, tens, and hundreds to find the solution, or add or subtract.

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Addition and subtraction problems using dollars and cents. 8 games to play.

Calculations of a Number Line

Use the number line to add up the whole numbers or the decimals.

Mummy Maths

Children answer questions using a number line. Teachers select addition or subtraction questions and difficulty.

Baxley the Bear

A fast paced addition game where children help Baxley catch fish by quickly solving the addition problem.

Maths Machine

Students randomly select numbers by spinning the wheels and then add the numbers to find the answer.

Place Value Addition

A great resource which uses base 10 blocks to help solve larger additio problems.

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Addition and Subtraction

BBQ Party

Help at the party by adding up and subtracting different things needed at the BBQ.

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