Symmetry Shapes

A great resource where children draw the reflection of the given shape by tapping the grid square where you’d like the shape to be.

Lines of Symmetry Shoot

Children look at lots of different shapes with a line drawn through it and need to decide if the line is in the correct spot.

Symmetry Invaders

A great game where children capture aliens and then fill in the symmetrical shape to move on.

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A great open ended resource where children paint a picture then fold the picture in half to make it symmetrical.

Symmetry Shape Shoot

Children look at lots of different 2D shapes and decide is it is symmetrical or not.

Singing Fairies

Help the angel find symmetrical shapes, draw the line of symmetry and lots more.

Symmetry Trees

A great activity that uses trees to teach symmetry. Children choose from 3 pictures to make a symmetrical tree.

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