Count on Me

Children learn their number bonds to 10 by playing pair games using both numerals and picture prompts.

Addition and Subtraction

A great game where children solve questions such as 3 + __ = 5

Monkey Drive - Addition

Help drive the monkey's car by adding up given numbers from 6 to 10.

Ten Frame

A great open ended resource to demonstrate number bonds on a ten frame.

Sum Scales

A wonderful open-ended teaching tool that can be used to demonstrate how to make sums equal.

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10 Frame Manipulatives

A wonderful open ended resource that can be used for addition, subtration, multiplication and division.

Number Twins

A great games that investigates number bonds to 10 there children click on the numbers that add up to any given number up to 10.

Ways to Make

Children help put the teddies into 2 houses by working out number bonds from 3 to 10.


A wonderful open-ended demonstration tool to show the 'Part-Part-Whole Model' for addition and subtraction.

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Friends of 10

A great game where children use playing cards to work out how many more would make 10.

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Printable Resources

Friends of 10 Boxes

A fantastic game where children spin a number and find the matching number that would add to 10.

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