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Switched on Kids

A great explanation of how electricity is made and how to use it safely.

Using Electricity

Written to be use on a smart board, this resource explains how electricity is used.

How Shocking

A fantastic tutorial that investigates Ben Franklin's discoveries and understanding of electricity. Children complete the online experiments.

Guide to Electric Circuits

A fantastic resource that has 5 sections - making a circuit work, conductors and insulators, switches, changing circuits and drawing circuits.

Circuit World

An open ended resource which allows teachers or students to draw electrical circuits and then test if they would work.

An Electric Motor

An informative tutorial that explains how an electric motor works.

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What is Electricity?

A resource designed specifically for the smart board to promote class discussion and explain what electricity is.

Electrical Circuits

A great resource that investigates making electrical circuits.

Drawing a Circuit

A great tutorial which explains how to draw electrical circuits.

How a Battery Works

A great explanation and demonstration on how a battery works.

How do we Make Electricity?

A great tutorial that explains in very simple terms how electricity is made.

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Energy is Everywhere

Children look around a virtual world and see where different energy is use.

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Energy & Global Warming

An informative resource which investigates how our energy usage impacts our environment.

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