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Addition Bump

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Are you looking for an engaging way to help your Grade 1 and Grade 2 students master addition up to 20? Look no further! We're excited to offer a free print and play game called "Addition Bump," designed specifically for young learners. This game adds a fun twist to learning addition and can be downloaded for free by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


What is "Addition Bump"?

"Addition Bump" is a lively and interactive game that reinforces addition skills up to 20.

The game is similar to the popular "Place Value Bump" but with a focus on solving addition problems. It’s perfect for maths centres, rotations, or even as a fast finisher activity.


How to Play "Addition Bump"

  1. Preparation:

    • Download and print the "Addition Bump" game board.

    • Each player needs 10 counters of the same colour. If one player chooses blue counters, the other player(s) must choose a different colour.

    • Provide each player with a die.

  2. Setting Up:

    • Players place their playing pieces anywhere on the board to start.

  3. Gameplay:

    • Players take turns rolling the die and moving their playing piece around the board.

    • Each space on the board has an addition question. Players must solve the question and place one of their coloured counters on the correct answer in the centre of the board.

    • If a player lands on a number that has already been covered by their opponent, they can "bump" that player's counter off the spot and replace it with their own.

    • If a player lands on a number they have already covered, they place a second counter on top. This spot is now "frozen" and cannot be bumped by other players.

    • The game continues until one player has used all of their 10 counters, making them the winner.


Benefits of Playing "Addition Bump"

  • Interactive Learning:

    • The game format keeps students engaged and actively participating in their learning.

  • Reinforces Addition Skills:

    • By repeatedly solving addition problems, students improve their speed and accuracy with sums up to 20.

  • Promotes Friendly Competition:

    • The competitive aspect of the game motivates students to participate and do their best.

  • Versatile and Reusable:

    • The game can be printed and laminated for repeated use, making it a valuable addition to your maths centres and rotations.


How to Incorporate "Addition Bump" in Your Classroom

  1. Maths Centres:

    • Include "Addition Bump" as a station in your maths centres to provide students with a fun, hands-on way to practice addition.

  2. Maths Rotations:

    • Use the game in your maths rotations to give students a break from traditional worksheets while still reinforcing essential skills.

  3. Fast Finisher Activity:

    • Keep early finishers engaged by offering "Addition Bump" as a quick and exciting activity they can play while others complete their work.

"Addition Bump" is a fantastic resource for helping Grade 1 and Grade 2 students develop their addition skills in an enjoyable and interactive way. Download the game for free by clicking the button below, print it out, and watch your students' confidence and abilities in addition soar!

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