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Addition Using the Split Strategy

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Are your Year 1 to Year 4 students ready to take their addition skills to the next level? Our free printable worksheet, "Addition Using the Split Strategy," is designed to help students understand and apply this effective method of addition. Download this valuable resource by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


What is the Split Strategy?

The split strategy is a fantastic way to simplify addition by breaking down numbers into their tens and ones components. Here’s how it works:

  1. Split the Numbers:

    • Separate the numbers into tens and ones.

  2. Add the Tens:

    • First, add the tens together.

  3. Add the Ones:

    • Then, add the ones together.

  4. Combine the Results:

    • Finally, add the sums of the tens and ones to get the final answer.


How to Use the "Addition Using the Split Strategy" Worksheet

  1. Preparation:

    • Download and print the worksheet.

    • Provide each student with a copy of the worksheet along with a pencil and an eraser.

  2. Worksheet Structure:

    • The worksheet features 11 addition questions.

    • Each question is broken down into scaffolded steps to guide students through the split strategy.

  3. Steps on the Worksheet:

    • Step 1: Write down the tens from the addition question and add them together.

    • Step 2: Write down the ones from the addition question and add them together.

    • Step 3: Combine the sums of the tens and ones to find the final answer.


Example of the Split Strategy

For the addition question 47 + 35:

  1. Split the Numbers:

    • Tens: 40 and 30

    • Ones: 7 and 5

  2. Add the Tens:

    • 40 + 30 = 70

  3. Add the Ones:

    • 7 + 5 = 12

  4. Combine the Results:

    • 70 + 12 = 82


Benefits of the Split Strategy Worksheet

  • Step-by-Step Guidance:

    • The worksheet provides a clear, scaffolded approach, making it easier for students to grasp the split strategy.

  • Enhanced Understanding:

    • By breaking down the addition process, students gain a deeper understanding of place value and number operations.

  • Versatile Use:

    • Suitable for individual practice, group activities, maths centres, or homework assignments.

  • Skill Development:

    • Helps develop mental maths skills and numerical fluency.


How to Integrate the Worksheet in Your Classroom

  1. Individual Practice:

    • Use the worksheet for focused individual practice during maths lessons.

  2. Group Work:

    • Pair up students to solve the addition questions collaboratively, promoting teamwork and peer learning.

  3. Maths Centres:

    • Include the worksheet in your maths centres for an engaging, structured activity.

  4. Homework:

    • Assign the worksheet as homework to reinforce the split strategy at home.

The "Addition Using the Split Strategy" worksheet is an excellent resource for helping Year 1 to Year 4 students master addition using this effective method. Download the free worksheet by clicking the button below and provide your students with the tools they need to succeed in their maths lessons.

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