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Adding Pairs

Looking for an engaging and educational activity to help your Year 1 and Year 2 students master addition? Look no further! Our free printable game, "Adding Pairs," is designed to make learning addition fun and interactive. Download this free resource by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


What is the "Adding Pairs" Game?

"Adding Pairs" is a printable game that features a grid filled with numbers.

Students need to find pairs of numbers next to each other (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) that add up to a specified target number. The game includes seven different pages, each with a unique target number for students to work towards.


How to Use the "Adding Pairs" Game

  1. Preparation:

    • Download and print the "Adding Pairs" game sheets.

    • Provide each student or pair of students with a copy of one of the game sheets, a pencil, and an eraser.

  2. Game Instructions:

    • Each game sheet has a grid filled with numbers and a target number at the top.

    • Students must search the grid to find two numbers next to each other that add up to the target number.

    • Once they find a pair, they circle or highlight the numbers and write the addition sentence next to the grid.

  3. Example:

    • If the target number is 10, students might find the numbers 4 and 6 next to each other and circle them. They then write the equation "4 + 6 = 10" next to the grid.


Benefits of the "Adding Pairs" Game

  • Interactive Learning:

    • This game encourages students to actively engage with addition, reinforcing their skills through a hands-on approach.

  • Variety and Challenge:

    • With seven different pages and target numbers, students get ample practice and variety, keeping the activity challenging and interesting.

  • Cognitive Skills:

    • The game helps develop problem-solving skills and numerical fluency as students search for the correct pairs.

  • Versatile Usage:

    • "Adding Pairs" can be used as an individual activity, a collaborative game in pairs, or a competitive class challenge.


How to Integrate "Adding Pairs" in Your Classroom

  1. Individual Practice:

    • Use the game sheets for independent practice during maths lessons or as a quiet activity.

  2. Group Work:

    • Pair up students to encourage teamwork and collaborative problem-solving.

  3. Maths Centres:

    • Include "Adding Pairs" in your maths centres for a fun, engaging activity that reinforces addition skills.

  4. Homework:

    • Assign the game sheets as homework to provide additional practice outside the classroom.

"Adding Pairs" is a fantastic resource for helping Year 1 and Year 2 students improve their addition skills in a fun and interactive way. Download this free printable game by clicking the button below and watch your students enjoy learning maths as they search for number pairs that add up to the target number.

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