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Roll then Add

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Are you ready to enhance your students' addition skills while making learning math more enjoyable and interactive? Introducing our latest resource, the "Add and Roll" worksheet, designed for kindergarten, year 1, and year 2 students to explore the fundamentals of addition through hands-on dice rolling and problem-solving. Let's dive into how this engaging worksheet can help students strengthen their addition abilities with ease!


Exploring Addition with Dice

The "Add and Roll" worksheet offers an exciting opportunity for students to practice addition in a dynamic and stimulating way. By incorporating dice rolling into the learning process, students not only reinforce their addition skills but also develop number recognition and counting abilities.


How to Use the Worksheet

  1. Dice Rolling Activity: Begin by providing each student with two dice. These dice can be standard six-sided

dice for beginners or larger dice for more advanced learners. Students roll the dice and observe the numbers that appear.

    2. Recording Numbers: In the "Add and Roll" worksheet, students transfer the numbers rolled onto the pictures of the dice provided. This step helps students visualize the numbers and prepares them for the addition process.

    3 Creating Number Sentences: Using the numbers obtained from the dice, students write addition number sentences to represent the mathematical operation. For example, if a student rolls a 3 and a 4, they would write the number sentence "3 + 4 =" on the worksheet.

    4. Calculating the Total: After writing the addition number sentence, students add up the numbers rolled on the dice to find the total sum. This step encourages students to apply their addition skills and calculate the final answer.


Learning Objectives

  • Addition Fluency: The "Add and Roll" worksheet helps students build fluency in addition by engaging in hands-on dice rolling and problem-solving activities.

  • Number Recognition: Through the visual representation of dice numbers, students strengthen their ability to recognize and identify numerals.

  • Critical Thinking: Students develop critical thinking skills as they analyze the numbers rolled and formulate addition number sentences to find the total sum.


Key Benefits of the Worksheet

  • Interactive Learning: The incorporation of dice rolling adds an element of fun and excitement to the addition practice, making learning more engaging for students.

  • Hands-On Experience: Manipulating dice and recording numbers provide students with tactile and kinesthetic learning experiences, enhancing understanding and retention.

  • Customizable Difficulty: The "Add and Roll" worksheet accommodates students of varying skill levels by allowing the use of different types of dice, making it suitable for differentiation in the classroom.


Access Your Free Worksheet Today

Ready to empower your students with valuable addition skills in a playful and interactive way? Click the button below to download your free copy of the "Add and Roll" worksheet from Smart Boarding School and embark on a math adventure filled with learning and discovery!

Join us in making addition practice exciting and effective with the "Add and Roll" worksheet. Let's roll, add, and learn together!

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