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Percentage Anchor Chart

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We are excited to introduce our latest free resource aimed at grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 students who are learning about percentages in their maths lessons. Our Percentages Anchor Chart/Poster is a comprehensive, 10-page printable designed to help students understand and visualize percentages.

This anchor chart is a versatile

educational tool that can be used as a classroom poster or as individual reference sheets for students. It's free to download by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, and as with all our resources, it is completely free.


What’s Included in the Percentages Anchor Chart

Each of the 10 pages in the download focuses on a specific percentage, ranging from 10% to 100%. Here’s what each page includes:

  1. 10 by 10 Grid: The grid visually represents the given percentage by colouring in the appropriate number of squares. For example, the 10% page has 10 squares coloured in.

  2. Circle Diagram: A circle with a segment coloured in to show the given percentage, providing a different visual representation.

  3. Fraction Representation: The percentage is shown as a fraction. For example, 10% is shown as 10/100.

  4. Decimal Representation: The percentage is also shown as a decimal. For instance, 10% is written as 0.10.

  5. Explanation: Each page includes a simple explanation of the percentage. For example, "10% is 10 out of 100."


Educational Benefits

This anchor chart helps students:

  • Visualize Percentages: Multiple visual representations (grid, circle, fraction, and decimal) help students understand the concept of percentages from different angles.

  • Reinforce Fraction and Decimal Equivalence: By showing percentages as fractions and decimals, students can better understand the relationship between these different forms of numbers.

  • Easy Reference: The clear, concise information makes it easy for students to refer back to the chart whenever they need a reminder.


How to Use the Anchor Chart

  • Classroom Poster: Print and laminate the pages to create a durable classroom poster. Display the poster where students can easily see it to provide ongoing support during lessons.

  • Individual Reference Sheets: Provide students with their own copies of the anchor chart pages to keep in their maths folders or notebooks. This way, they have a handy reference to use during independent work or homework.


Download and Enjoy!

This printable Percentages Anchor Chart is a valuable resource for teachers and parents looking to support their students' understanding of percentages. The anchor chart can be downloaded by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


Remember, all resources on our website are free, making it easy for you to access high-quality educational materials. Happy teaching!

By incorporating this anchor chart into your teaching toolkit, you'll provide your students with a clear and comprehensive understanding of percentages. Enjoy watching your students become more confident and proficient in their maths lessons!

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