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Shape Taco

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Calling all budding mathematicians and culinary enthusiasts! Smart Boarding School invites students in kindergarten, year 1, and year 2 to embark on a deliciously educational adventure with the "Shape Taco" maths craft activity. Designed to make learning about 2D shapes both fun and engaging, this creative resource combines hands-on crafting with mathematical exploration.


Crafting a Feast of Learning

With the "Shape Taco" activity, students aren't just learning about 2D shapes—they're creating their very own shape-filled tacos! This multi-step craft project begins with students cutting out a circle designed to resemble a taco shell. They then select from a variety of 2D shapes cleverly disguised as taco fillings, including oval beans, hexagonal cheese, rectangular lettuce, and more.


Mixing and Matching Fillings

Once students have chosen their desired shape

ingredients, they fill their tacos with a combination of shapes, exploring different arrangements and patterns. Whether it's a taco bursting with triangles, squares, or circles, each creation is as unique as the student who crafts it.


Fold, Glue, and Reflect

After assembling their shape-filled tacos, students fold them in half and secure them onto the provided worksheet. Beneath the taco, there's space for students to write about the 2D shapes they've used, reinforcing their understanding of shape attributes and quantities. It's a tasty way to practice mathematical skills while unleashing creativity.


A Recipe for Mathematical Success

The "Shape Taco" maths craft activity isn't just about creating adorable tacos—it's about fostering a deeper understanding of 2D shapes through hands-on exploration. By engaging in this interactive craft, students develop spatial reasoning skills, shape recognition, and mathematical vocabulary in a playful and memorable way.


Download Your Free Craft Template Today

Ready to whip up a batch of shape-filled tacos in your classroom? Click the button below to download your free "Shape Taco" craft template from Smart Boarding School.

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