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2D Shape Properties

Embarking on a journey to discover the wonders of geometry in the primary/elementary classroom? Look no further than Smart Boarding School's latest offering: a free printable booklet on 2D shape properties. Designed to engage young minds and reinforce essential concepts, this resource is a must-have for teachers seeking to enrich their geometry lessons.

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Unveiling the Treasure

This printable booklet comprises seven pages, each dedicated to a different 2D shape. From the familiar rectangle and square to the more intricate pentagon and trapezium, students will explore a variety of shapes, honing their understanding as they go.


Interactive Learning Experience

Each page of the booklet invites students to dive deeper into the properties of the featured shape. They'll be prompted to complete drawings, identify sides and corners, and even engage in counting exercises. This hands-on approach not only reinforces shape recognition but also fosters critical thinking skills.


Tailored for Classroom Success

Smart Boarding School understands the importance of curriculum alignment and student engagement. That's why this resource is carefully crafted to complement primary/elementary school standards while keeping students actively involved in their learning journey.


Versatility at Its Core

Whether you're introducing 2D shapes for the first time or reinforcing concepts, this booklet is a versatile addition to any classroom. Use it as a standalone activity, incorporate it into maths centres, or send it home for extra practice— the possibilities are endless.


Download Your Free Copy Today

Ready to add this invaluable resource to your teaching toolkit? Simply click the button below to download your free printable booklet on 2D shape properties from Smart Boarding School.

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