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Folded Symmetry

Folded Symmetry.png

Hello Teachers and Homeschoolers, we are thrilled to share a valuable resource that will make teaching symmetry an engaging experience for your Year 3 and Year 4 students. Allow us to introduce "Lines of Symmetry" – a set of free writing worksheets designed to deepen their understanding of symmetry through hands-on activities.

Students complete the worksheet by cutting out the given shapes. The shapes provided include a variety of 2D shapes, each with a fold line indicated. Students then sort the shapes and glue them into the column titles 'Line of Symmetry' or 'Not a Line of Symmetry'. Encourage your students to sort the shapes based on their lines of symmetry. Not all shapes have lines of symmetry, and it's essential to remind them that the printed lines on some

shapes, like the rectangle, are NOT lines of symmetry.

To access this free resource, simply click on the button below to download the PDF file. Feel free to print out as many copies as needed for your class.

We hope that "Lines of Symmetry" will prove to be a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit, fostering a deeper understanding of symmetry while sparking creativity and curiosity in your students.

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