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Tricky Word Bump

Tricky Word Bump.png

Are you looking for an engaging and educational game to help your kindergarten, reception, or foundation students master their sight words? Look no further! Our free printable game "Trick Word Bump" is perfect for young learners who are just beginning to read and recognize tricky sight words.


How to Play "Trick Word Bump"

Objective: The aim of the game is to be the first player to use all five of your counters by correctly identifying and covering the tricky sight words on the game board.

Materials Needed:

  • The free "Trick Word Bump" printable game board (download by clicking the button at the bottom of this page)

  • 5 counters for each player (make sure each player has counters of a different color)

  • A spinner or a die (if a spinner is not available, use a die and assign numbers to the words)



  1. Setup: Print the "Trick Word Bump" game board and distribute five counters of the same color to each player. If one player has blue counters, the other player(s) must choose a different color.

  2. Start the Game: Players take turns spinning the wheel or rolling the die. Each spin or roll corresponds to a tricky sight word on the game board.

  3. Covering Words: On their turn, a player covers the given tricky word with one of their colored counters.

  4. Bumping Counters: If a player lands on a word that has already been covered by their opponent's counter, they can "bump" that player’s counter off that spot and replace it with their own.

  5. Freezing Spots: If a player lands on a word they have already covered with a counter, they put a second counter on top. That spot is now frozen and cannot be bumped off by any other player.

  6. Winning the Game: The first player to use all five of their counters is the winner!


Educational Benefits

"Trick Word Bump" offers numerous educational advantages for young learners:

  • Sight Word Recognition: The game focuses on tricky sight words, helping students become familiar with words they need to recognize by sight.

  • Fine Motor Skills: Handling and placing the counters improves fine motor skills.

  • Turn-Taking and Social Skills: Playing the game in pairs or small groups helps children practice turn-taking and social interaction.

  • Memory and Strategy: Remembering which words are already covered and deciding where to place counters enhances memory and strategic thinking.


Download the Game

Ready to make learning sight words fun and interactive for your students? Download the "Trick Word Bump" game by clicking the button below and start playing today!


"Trick Word Bump" is an excellent resource for early readers, combining learning with playful competition. It's a fantastic addition to any classroom or home learning environment, making sight word practice an enjoyable and effective experience. Happy learning!

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