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Introducing a fun and engaging way for Year 3 and Year 4 students to learn about 4-digit numbers and place value in their maths lessons. Our free printable game, "Numberle," is based on the popular game Wordle, but with a numerical twist. This educational activity helps students grasp the concept of place value while having fun guessing a hidden number. Click the button at the

bottom of the page to download your free copy!


What Is "Numberle"?

"Numberle" is a printable game designed to reinforce students' understanding of 4-digit numbers and place value. The aim of the game is for students to guess a hidden 4-digit number within five attempts. By engaging in this activity, students practice their numerical reasoning and place value skills in a fun and interactive way.


How to Play "Numberle"


  1. Download the "Numberle" game and print out page 2.

  2. Laminate the printed page so it can be reused with dry erase markers.

  3. Each player receives a laminated copy of page 2.


Gameplay Instructions:

  1. Setting the Secret Number:

    • Player 1 writes down any 4-digit number in the secret number box and keeps it covered to prevent Player 2 from seeing it.

  2. Making Guesses:

    • Player 2 writes down a 4-digit number in the guess box on page 2 and says the number out loud (e.g., "four thousand, eight hundred and thirty-one" instead of "4, 8, 3, 1").

  3. Providing Feedback:

    • Player 1 checks the guessed number and circles the numbers as follows:

      • Green circle: Correct number in the correct position.

      • Orange circle: Correct number but in the wrong position.

      • Red circle: The number is not used in the secret number.

  4. Winning the Game:

    • Player 2 has five attempts to correctly guess the hidden number. If they guess the number within five tries, they win!


"Numberle" is a fantastic tool for making place value lessons interactive and enjoyable. It encourages students to think critically about the position and value of digits in a number, reinforcing their understanding through a hands-on approach.

Ready to add some excitement to your maths lessons? Click the button below to download your free copy of "Numberle" and start playing today!

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