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Multiplication Chart

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Empower your Year 3 to Year 6 students to become multiplication masters with our free "Multiplication Chart." This essential tool is designed to help students quickly and easily learn their times tables. Download the "Multiplication Chart" for free by clicking the button at the bottom of the page!


What is the Multiplication Chart?

The "Multiplication Chart" is a handy reference tool that displays the times tables from 1 to 12. This chart is arranged with the numbers 1 to 12 down the left side and the numbers 1 to 12 along the top. By following these numbers across and down, students can find the intersection point, which shows the answer to any multiplication question within these ranges.

How to Use the Multiplication Chart

Simple Steps to Master Multiplication:

  1. Download and Print:

    • Click the button at the bottom of the page to download your free "Multiplication Chart."

    • Print the chart and, if possible, laminate it for durability.

  2. Understanding the Chart:

    • The numbers 1 to 12 are listed along the top and down the left side.

    • To find the product of two numbers, follow these steps:

      • Locate the first number in the top row.

      • Find the second number in the left column.

      • Move across from the first number and down from the second number to find the intersection point.

      • The intersection point gives you the answer to the multiplication question.

  3. Example:

    • If the multiplication question is 3 times 6:

      • Find the number 3 in the top row.

      • Follow the column down to the 6th row.

      • The intersection point shows the number 18, which is the product of 3 and 6.


Benefits of Using the Multiplication Chart

  • Quick Reference:

    • Provides a fast way for students to check their multiplication facts.

  • Builds Confidence:

    • Helps students feel more confident in their math skills by providing instant answers.

  • Easy to Use:

    • Simple layout makes it easy for students to understand and use independently.

  • Visual Learning:

    • Supports visual learners by displaying the multiplication tables in a clear and organized format.


Why Download the Multiplication Chart?

For Students:

  • Improved Fluency:

    • Regular use of the chart helps students become more fluent in their times tables.

  • Foundation for Advanced Math:

    • Mastery of multiplication is essential for tackling more complex math problems.

For Teachers:

  • Classroom Essential:

    • An indispensable tool for teaching multiplication.

  • Versatile Resource:

    • Can be used for individual practice, group activities, or math centers.

  • Saves Time:

    • Provides quick answers, allowing students to focus more on understanding concepts than on calculation errors.


Get Your Free Multiplication Chart Today!

Make learning multiplication fun and easy with our "Multiplication Chart." This free resource is perfect for helping students from Year 3 to Year 6 master their times tables. Click the button below to download your copy of the "Multiplication Chart" and start boosting your students' math skills today!

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