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Multiplication Anchor Chart

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Multiplication is a fundamental skill that students must master in their mathematical journey. To support this learning, we are excited to offer a versatile and free resource called the "Multiplication Anchor Chart." This resource can be downloaded by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and is perfect for Grade 2 through Grade 6 students who are honing their multiplication skills.

Introducing the Multiplication Anchor Chart

The Multiplication Anchor Chart is designed to provide comprehensive support for students learning times tables from 0 through to 12. This resource is packed with features that make it an invaluable tool for both teachers and students.


How to Use the Multiplication Anchor Chart

  1. Download and Print:

    • Click the button at the bottom of the page to download the full set of charts. Each times table from 0 to 12 includes four pages that you can print in colour or black and white.

  2. Classroom Display:

    • Use the coloured pages with multiplication questions and answers to create a vibrant and informative classroom display. Each chart features a large number with smaller numbers inside to show the sequence of multiples, along with helpful tips and tricks. For example, the chart for the 4 times tables includes a tip to "double and double again."

  3. Student Workbooks:

    • Print the black and white pages with just the multiplication questions for students to glue into their math books. These can serve as a quick reference guide or as practice worksheets where students fill in the answers themselves.

  4. Interactive Learning:

    • Incorporate the charts into interactive activities. Have students complete the black and white pages during math rotations or use them for quick quizzes and practice sessions.


Features of the Multiplication Anchor Chart

  • Colour and Black & White Options:

    • Each times table comes with two color pages and two black and white pages, providing flexibility for various uses.

  • Tips and Tricks:

    • Each chart includes helpful tips to aid in memorizing the times tables. For instance, the chart for the 4 times tables advises students to "double and double again."

  • Visual Learning:

    • The large number design with smaller multiples inside helps students visualize the sequence and understand the pattern of multiplication.

  • Complete and Fill-In Versions:

    • One version of the chart displays the multiplication questions and answers, perfect for classroom displays. Another version shows only the questions, allowing students to fill in the answers themselves.


Educational Benefits of the Multiplication Anchor Chart

  • Comprehensive Support:

    • Provides a full range of times tables from 0 to 12, supporting students at various stages of their multiplication learning.

  • Visual and Interactive:

    • Combines visual aids with interactive elements to engage students and reinforce learning.

  • Flexible Usage:

    • Can be used as classroom displays, workbook inserts, or practice worksheets, making it a versatile resource for different teaching strategies.

  • Reinforcement of Key Concepts:

    • Helps students understand and memorize multiplication facts through tips, tricks, and repetitive practice.


Download Now

Ready to bring this comprehensive multiplication resource to your classroom? Click the button below to download the Multiplication Anchor Chart and start enhancing your students' multiplication skills today! Equip your classroom with this essential tool and watch your students' confidence and proficiency in multiplication grow. Happy teaching!

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