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3 Digit Number Rally

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We're thrilled to introduce 3 Digit Rally, a free printable game designed to enhance number comparison skills for students in grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6. This game is perfect for making math practice fun and engaging, while also helping students become more confident with 3-digit numbers.

About 3 Digit Rally

3 Digit Rally is a dynamic and educational game that encourages students to compare 3-digit numbers quickly and accurately. This game can be played in groups of 2 or 3, making it ideal for both classroom settings and home practice. By integrating this game into their learning routine, students will improve their numerical skills in an enjoyable and interactive way.


Preparation Instructions

To get started with 3 Digit Rally, follow these simple preparation steps:

  1. Print:

    • Print out pages 2-11 on coloured card. Each player will need 15 cards to play.

    • Print out pages 12-19 (for coloured copies) or pages 20-28 (for black and white copies) and laminate the pages for durability.

  2. Cut and Laminate:

    • Cut out and laminate the cards from pages 2-11 to ensure they last through many rounds of play.

  3. Game Boards:

    • Each player gets one of the game boards from pages 12-28, depending on the version you printed.


How to Play

  1. Set Up:

    • Players shuffle their cards and place them face down on the box that says, “Place cards here at the start of the game.”

  2. Gameplay:

    • Each player turns over the top card and places it in the middle so all players can see it.

    • The player who turned over the highest number gets to keep all the cards that were turned over. The player places them in the box on the right that says, “Place cards that you win here.”

  3. Winning the Game:

    • Once all the cards have been played from the box on the left, the game is over.

    • Players count the cards they won. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.


3 Digit Rally is a fantastic way to make learning math fun and competitive. By incorporating this game into their study routine, students will not only develop their numerical comparison skills but also enjoy a lively and interactive learning experience. Download the game today and let the math rally begin!

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