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Suffix Definitions

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Learning about grammar can be a fascinating journey for young students, especially when they delve into the world of suffixes. Understanding suffixes can greatly enhance a student's language skills and improve their ability to decode unfamiliar words. To aid teachers in their quest to make grammar lessons engaging and interactive, we are excited to introduce the "Suffix Definitions" worksheet. This free, downloadable worksheet is tailored for Year 3 and 4 students, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of suffixes through a variety of exercises.

Discovering Suffixes

The first page of the "Suffix Definitions" worksheet aims to introduce students to seven commonly used suffixes. The worksheet contains a

table with three columns: Suffix, Definition, Example, and Sentence. Students are tasked with filling in the table by adding relevant information for each suffix.

  1. Suffix: The students should write down the given suffix in this column.

  2. Definition: In this section, students define the meaning of each suffix. For example, if the suffix is "-ful," the definition could be "full of" or "having the quality of."

  3. Example: Here, students provide a word that uses the specified suffix. For "-ful," an example could be "grateful" or "joyful."

  4. Sentence: Students are encouraged to construct a sentence using the example word with the given suffix. For instance, "I feel grateful for my family."


This exercise will strengthen students' grasp of suffixes and allow them to use their creativity in constructing sentences.


Reinforcing Suffix Knowledge

The second page of the worksheet mirrors the table found on the first page. However, this time, some parts of the table are pre-filled, leaving the rest blank. Students are required to complete the missing information, enhancing their understanding of suffixes by actively applying their knowledge.

By completing the table on this page, students gain further practice in defining, using examples, and crafting sentences with various suffixes. It also encourages independent thinking and reinforces the concepts learned on the first page.


Mastering Suffixes

The last page of the "Suffix Definitions" worksheet presents the fully completed table with all the answers filled in. This page serves two purposes:

  1. Teacher Reference: Teachers can use this page as a handy reference while conducting lessons on suffixes. It allows educators to quickly review the correct information and explanations related to each suffix, ensuring accurate guidance during classroom discussions.

  2. Student Resource: For additional support, teachers can distribute this page to students, serving as a helpful guide when they tackle exercises involving prefixes or when they encounter words with various suffixes in their reading materials.


The "Suffix Definitions" worksheet offers an effective and engaging tool to help Year 3 and 4 students master the concept of suffixes. Through the three-page worksheet, students can learn and reinforce their understanding of different suffixes, their meanings, and their usage in sentences. This interactive resource allows teachers to create dynamic grammar lessons and provides students with the opportunity to practice and apply their newfound knowledge independently.


Grammar is an essential aspect of language learning, and by providing engaging resources like the "Suffix Definitions" worksheet, we can inspire students to embrace the wonders of language while building a strong foundation for their future linguistic endeavors.

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