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Sort the Contractions

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Contractions are an exciting aspect of the English language that can make our writing and speech more concise and engaging. For Year 3 and 4 students, understanding contractions is an essential grammar skill. To make learning fun and interactive, we are thrilled to present the 'Sort the Contractions' worksheet. This free downloadable worksheet offers an enjoyable way for students to practice identifying contractions and distinguishing them from non-contractions.

The 'Sort the Contractions' worksheet features a creative sorting activity that challenges students to differentiate between contractions and non-contractions. The worksheet provides two columns: "Correct" and "Incorrect." Along the side of the page, students will find a list of words,

some of which are contractions, while others are not.

How to Complete the Worksheet:

  1. Students are required to cut out the words provided along the side of the page. They will then sort and paste each word into either the "Correct" or "Incorrect" column based on whether it is a valid contraction or not. For example, words like "won't," "can't," and "it's" are contractions and belong in the "Correct" column, while words like "wi'll" and "do'nt" are not contractions and should be glued into the "Incorrect" column.

  2. Once students have sorted and pasted all the words, they should carefully review their work to ensure accuracy. Teachers can then initiate a class discussion to clarify any doubts and reinforce the concept of contractions.


Benefits of the 'Sort the Contractions' Worksheet:

  1. Hands-On Learning: This cutting and pasting activity engages students kinesthetically, making the learning process more interactive and memorable.

  2. Critical Thinking: By differentiating between contractions and non-contractions, students develop critical thinking skills, fostering a deeper understanding of language structures.

  3. Visual Representation: The visual nature of this activity aids visual learners in comprehending the concept of contractions effectively.

  4. Reinforcement: The worksheet serves as an excellent tool for reinforcing the lesson on contractions and strengthening students' knowledge through practice.


Understanding contractions is crucial for enhancing a student's reading, writing, and communication skills. With the 'Sort the Contractions' worksheet, Year 3 and 4 students can explore the world of contractions in an engaging and enjoyable manner. This interactive activity allows students to actively participate in their learning, helping them grasp the concept of contractions while having fun.

To download the 'Sort the Contractions' worksheet and make grammar lessons more exciting for your students, click the link below.


Happy learning!

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