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Matching Compound Words

Compound Word Matching.png

Are you searching for a fun and interactive literacy activity to reinforce compound words with your grade 1 and grade 2 students? Look no further! We have just the resource you need. We are excited to introduce our free literacy group activity called 'Matching Compound Words.' It's an engaging and hands-on exercise that will help your students solidify their understanding of compound words while having a blast.

Compound words are created by combining two or more separate words to form a new word with a different meaning. Understanding compound words is crucial for building vocabulary and language skills. Our 'Matching Compound Words' activity is specifically designed to make learning about compound words enjoyable and memorable for young learners.

To begin the activity, teachers can simply print out the resource provided at the bottom of this page onto cardstock and cut out the butterflies. Each butterfly represents a compound word. The compound word is split across the two halves of the butterfly. For example, one half might have the word 'rain' and the other half may have the word 'bow.' It is the students' task to find the two matching halves of the butterfly and join them together to create the compound word 'rainbow.'

This activity not only requires students to identify and recognise compound words but also challenges them to make connections between the different word parts. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration as students work together to find the correct matches.

By engaging with the 'Matching Compound Words' activity, students actively explore the relationship between the individual words that form a compound word. They develop a deeper understanding of word structure and expand their vocabulary in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

We recommend using this activity during group work or literacy centers. Students can work in pairs or small groups, fostering cooperation and peer learning. Observing students as they engage with the activity will provide valuable insights into their understanding of compound words and their ability to make connections between different word parts.

To access the 'Matching Compound Words' activity, simply click on the button at the bottom of this page. The resource is available as a downloadable file, making it easy for you to print and prepare the butterflies for your students. Whether you are a teacher in a traditional classroom or a homeschooling parent, this activity can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

We hope that 'Matching Compound Words' becomes a valuable addition to your teaching resources. It offers a fun and interactive way for students to deepen their understanding of compound words and strengthen their language skills.


Download the activity now and watch your students' excitement soar as they match the butterfly halves to create a world of compound words. Enjoy the journey of learning!

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