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Explanation Writing Planner

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As educators, we strive to equip our students with effective communication skills, and writing explanations is an essential aspect of that journey. However, explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner can be quite challenging, especially for younger students who are still developing their writing abilities. To assist you in nurturing their explanatory writing skills, we are delighted to introduce our free worksheet, the 'Explanation Writing Planner.' This downloadable resource is tailored for younger learners,

providing them with a structured framework to enhance their explanatory writing skills.

The Explanation Writing Planner is a user-friendly tool designed to support students in crafting well-organized and informative explanations. This worksheet comprises four sections: What is it, Description of the Parts, How/Why it Works, and Interesting Fact. Additionally, there's an extra box for students to draw a diagram. By completing these sections, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of their chosen subject and be able to articulate their explanations more effectively.

How to Use the Worksheet:

  1. To access the 'Explanation Writing Planner' worksheet, simply scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, where you'll find a button to download it. Click on the button, and the worksheet will be saved to your device.

  2. Before diving into the activity, explain to your students the purpose of explanation writing and the significance of presenting information in a clear and organized manner. Encourage them to select a subject that they find intriguing and would like to explain to others.

  3. Instruct your students to fill in the title at the top of the worksheet, followed by the four sections. Encourage them to conduct research, think critically, and analyze the subject from different angles. Remind them to use precise language and provide relevant details for each section. Additionally, encourage students to utilize the extra box to draw a diagram that complements their explanation.

  4. After students have completed their worksheets, provide opportunities for them to share their explanations with the class. Encourage peer feedback and discussion, emphasizing clarity, organization, and the use of supporting details. Celebrate their efforts and highlight examples of effective explanations.

With our 'Explanation Writing Planner' worksheet, you have a valuable tool to foster the development of explanatory writing skills among your younger students. By providing a structured framework and encouraging research, critical thinking, and creativity, this resource empowers students to articulate their ideas effectively. Click the button below to download the worksheet and embark on a journey of exploration and explanation with your students today!


Happy writing!

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