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Dictionary Work

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Dear Primary School Teachers,

Are you looking for an engaging and interactive way to teach grammar to your Year 4 and Year 5 students? Look no further! We have created a fantastic free worksheet called 'Dictionary Work' that will not only boost their vocabulary but also improve their understanding of different word types and dictionary usage.

The 'Dictionary Work' worksheet is an exciting tool designed to help young learners practice and reinforce their grammar skills in a fun and meaningful way.

To complete the worksheet, students arrange the given words into alphabetical order in the table provided at the bottom of the worksheet. This exercise not only sharpens their alphabetical skills but also introduces them to new words that can expand their vocabulary.


After arranging the words alphabetically, students will identify the type of each given word. For example, is the word a verb, noun, or adjective? This activity helps them understand the roles and functions of different word types in sentences.


The final task for the students is to write a dictionary meaning for each word they've identified. This step encourages them to use a dictionary and become familiar with its format while honing their comprehension and writing skills.

Why Use 'Dictionary Work'?

As educators, we understand the significance of a well-rounded approach to learning grammar. This worksheet is specially crafted to:

  1. Promote Critical Thinking: The tasks in the worksheet require students to analyze and evaluate the words, enhancing their critical thinking skills.

  2. Encourage Collaboration: Teachers can encourage students to work together, promoting a collaborative learning environment.

  3. Increase Word Awareness: Students will encounter various words, leading to increased word awareness and language appreciation.

  4. Develop Dictionary Skills: The 'Dictionary Work' worksheet serves as a stepping stone for students to confidently navigate and utilize dictionaries effectively.

Now, it's time to get your hands on this valuable resource. Click on the button below to download the 'Dictionary Work' worksheet and unleash the power of words in your classroom!

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