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Describe the Character

Describe the Character Worksheet.png

Teaching young children about adjectives can be a challenging task, but it can also be a lot of fun! Using creative and interactive activities can help engage students and make learning more enjoyable. That's why we're excited to share a free worksheet that you can use in your kindergarten or early primary school classroom.

The worksheet features 5 different characters: a mermaid, a caveman, a monster, a robot, and a fairy. Students can choose which character they want to decorate and then think of 6 adjectives to describe that character. For example, if a student chooses to decorate the fairy character, they might use adjectives like small, sparkly, blue, cheerful, magical, and mythical to describe her.

To complete the worksheet, students will need to think creatively and use their imaginations. They can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to decorate the character however they like. This will give them the opportunity to express themselves and explore their artistic abilities while learning about adjectives.


As teachers, we know that finding high-quality, engaging resources can be challenging, especially when working on a tight budget. That's why we are excited to offer this free worksheet for educators to use in their classrooms. The worksheet can be downloaded at the bottom of this page by clicking on the button.

This worksheet is a great way to help young students learn about adjectives in a fun and interactive way. By using their creativity and imaginations, students can develop their language skills while also having fun. We hope that you find this resource helpful in your classroom and we encourage you to check out our other free worksheets and resources for educators.

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