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All About Me Bunting

All About Me Bunting.png
As educators, we understand the importance of building a strong classroom community right from the start of the school year. Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where students feel seen and heard is crucial for their overall engagement and success.
To help facilitate this, we are excited to introduce the 'All About Me Bunting' writing activity—a free resource

designed to provide primary school students with an engaging opportunity for meaningful writing practice while fostering connections within the classroom.

The 'All About Me Bunting' writing activity is a creative and interactive resource aimed at primary school students. This activity serves as an excellent icebreaker at the beginning of the school year, allowing students to express themselves, share their unique characteristics, and get to know their peers. It enables students to engage in meaningful writing while creating personalised bunting to adorn the classroom walls.

How it Works

In this activity, students are given a bunting template to complete with various personal information. They can fill in their name, birthday, class they are in, family members, favorite colors, and even create a portrait of themselves. Each element provides a window into their world, allowing both the teacher and fellow classmates to learn more about each student's individuality.

Fostering Classroom Connections

The 'All About Me Bunting' activity serves as a powerful tool for building a sense of belonging and community within the classroom. By creating and displaying their personalised bunting, students gain a deeper understanding of their classmates' identities and foster empathy and understanding. This activity helps students realize that everyone is unique and valued, promoting inclusivity and respect among peers.

Benefits for Students

  1. Meaningful Writing Practice: The 'All About Me Bunting' activity encourages students to practice their writing skills in a purposeful and engaging manner. As they complete the bunting with their personal information, they develop their composition, grammar, and vocabulary skills while expressing themselves authentically.

  2. Self-Expression and Identity Exploration: This activity provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their own identities and share important aspects of their lives. By highlighting their favorite colors, family members, and other personal details, students gain confidence in expressing their uniqueness and celebrating their individuality.

  3. Developing Empathy and Understanding: When students share their completed bunting with their classmates, it opens the door for conversations about similarities and differences. Through this process, students learn to appreciate and value diversity, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate classroom environment.

The 'All About Me Bunting' writing activity is a valuable resource that enhances meaningful writing practice while fostering connections within the classroom. By engaging students in self-expression and encouraging them to learn about their peers, teachers can create an inclusive and welcoming environment from the very beginning of the school year.


Download the activity now and watch as your students' bunting brings life and personality to your classroom walls!

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