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Fraction Race

At Smart Boarding School, we're passionate about making math learning not just educational, but also incredibly fun! Today, we're thrilled to introduce an exciting and versatile game called "Fraction Race." Get ready to spin, place, and race your way to mastering fractions!

"Fraction Race" is a dynamic game that caters to students from kindergarten to year 6, making it perfect for classrooms with mixed-age groups or for families looking for an engaging way to practice fractions together. With its simple setup and exciting

Fraction Race - Halves, Quarters and Thirds.png

gameplay, "Fraction Race" is sure to become a favorite among learners of all ages.


Here's how to set up and play "Fraction Race"


  • Print pages 3 to 7 for each player participating in the game.

  • Cut out and laminate the fraction pieces for durability.

  • Place all the fraction pieces in a container, ready for gameplay.

  • Print out and laminate the spinner provided on page 2.

  • Set up a spinner in the middle of the play area or use a pencil and paper clip as an improvised spinner.



The objective of "Fraction Race" is to fill in the circles on your game board with fraction pieces to create four wholes.

How to Play

  1. Spin the spinner using the pencil and paper clip or the provided spinner.

  2. Once you've spun a fraction, select a fraction piece from the container and place it on one of the circles on your game board.

  3. Rearrange the fractions as needed each turn to try and make a whole circle.

  4. The first person to complete four whole circles on their game board wins the game!


Game Strategy

  • Pay attention to the fractions you spin and strategically place them on your game board to maximize your chances of completing whole circles.

  • Be careful not to overlap any fraction pieces, as overlapping fractions do not add up to a whole.


"Fraction Race" offers a thrilling and interactive way for students to practice fraction skills while also honing their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. Whether played in the classroom or at home, this game promises hours of educational entertainment for learners of all ages.

Ready to race your way to wholeness with "Fraction Race"? Click the button below to download your free copy from Smart Boarding School and let the fraction fun begin!

At Smart Boarding School, we're dedicated to providing educators and parents with resources that inspire learning and foster mathematical understanding. Join us in turning math practice into an exciting race with "Fraction Race."

Let's spin, place, and race our way to fraction mastery together!

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