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Ordering Negative Numbers

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We're excited to introduce our latest free resource: the Ordering Negative Numbers worksheet, specifically designed for year 4, year 5, and year 6 students who are delving into the world of negative numbers in their maths lessons. This engaging and educational worksheet can be downloaded by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. As always, all our resources are completely free!


About the Ordering Negative Numbers Worksheet

Understanding and ordering negative numbers can be a challenging concept for students. Our Ordering Negative Numbers worksheet is designed to make this process easier and more interactive. This two-page worksheet guides students through ordering negative numbers from smallest to largest, gradually increasing in difficulty to cater to different learning levels within the classroom.

What’s Included in the Worksheet?

  • Two Pages of Questions:

    • Page 1: Features a number line from -20 to 20 at the top to assist students in ordering the numbers. This provides a helpful visual aid for those who are still becoming familiar with negative numbers.

    • Page 2: Contains the same set of questions but without the number line, challenging students to order the numbers independently, thereby extending their learning and understanding.


Educational Benefits

The Ordering Negative Numbers worksheet offers numerous educational benefits:

  • Sequential Learning: Students learn to order groups of five numbers from smallest to largest, helping them understand the relative value of negative numbers.

  • Scaffolding and Extension: The two-page format offers scaffolding for those who need it and provides an extra challenge for advanced students.

  • Visual Aid: The number line on the first page aids visual learners and reinforces the concept of number placement on a number line.

  • Skill Reinforcement: Repeated practice with ordering numbers strengthens students' overall number sense and understanding of negative numbers.


How to Use the Worksheet

Teachers can incorporate this worksheet into their maths lessons in several ways:

  • Classroom Activity: Use the worksheet as part of a classroom activity to teach and reinforce the concept of ordering negative numbers.

  • Independent Practice: Allow students to work through the worksheet independently, using the number line on the first page to guide their understanding.

  • Homework Assignment: Assign the worksheet as homework to provide additional practice outside the classroom.

  • Assessment Tool: Use the second page of the worksheet to assess students’ understanding without the aid of a number line.


Preparation Instructions

Preparing the worksheet is simple:

  1. Print: Download and print the two-page worksheet.

  2. Distribute: Hand out the worksheets to students during your maths lesson.

  3. Utilize: Guide students through the first page with the number line and then challenge them with the second page without the number line.


Download and Enhance Your Maths Lessons

The Ordering Negative Numbers worksheet is an invaluable tool for helping students understand and order negative numbers. To download the worksheet, click the button at the bottom of the page. Remember, all resources on our website are free, ensuring that you have access to high-quality educational materials at no cost.


Incorporate the Ordering Negative Numbers worksheet into your maths lessons to help your students confidently navigate and understand negative numbers. This resource is designed to support students at different levels, offering both scaffolding and challenges. Download this free worksheet today and watch your students excel in their maths lessons!

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