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Make a Whole Using Fractions

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Are you looking for an engaging way to teach fractions to your Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6 students? Look no further! Our free print and play game, Make a Whole Using Fractions, is the perfect addition to your maths lessons. This exciting game helps students understand fractions in a fun and interactive manner.


How to Play Make a Whole Using Fractions

Make a Whole Using Fractions can be played with 2 or 3 players. Here’s how to play:

  • Prepare the Game: Print the game board, which includes a 10 by 10 grid. Each box in

  • the grid represents a fraction of the whole. Teachers will need to attach a spinner or use a makeshift spinner by spinning a paperclip around the tip of a pencil.

  • Spin the Wheel: Each player takes turns spinning the wheel. The wheel includes various fractions, such as 5/100, 10/100, 15/100, and so on.

  • Color the Grid: After spinning the wheel, students look at the fraction they have spun. For example, if a student spins 1/100, they then color in 1/100 of the boxes on the 10 by 10 grid.

  • Add Up the Fractions: Once all the boxes on the grid have been colored in, players add up their total fractions. The player with the highest overall fraction colored in, or the first to make a whole, is the winner!


Why Make a Whole Using Fractions is Effective

This game not only makes learning fractions fun but also helps students visualize and understand the concept of fractions better. By actively engaging in the process of coloring and calculating, students reinforce their understanding in a hands-on way.


Benefits of Make a Whole Using Fractions

  • Interactive Learning: Encourages students to actively participate in learning fractions.

  • Visual Aid: Helps students visualize fractions using the grid.

  • Collaboration: Promotes collaborative learning as students can play together.

  • Critical Thinking: Encourages strategic thinking as students decide how to maximize their fractions.


Download Your Free Copy

Ready to make learning fractions fun for your students? Download the Make a Whole Using Fractions game now! Click the button at the bottom of the page to get your free printable game. All resources on our website are free, so be sure to explore other engaging activities and worksheets.

By making learning interactive and enjoyable, you can help your students develop a strong understanding of fractions. Incorporate Make a Whole Using Fractions into your lesson plans and watch your students' enthusiasm for maths grow!

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