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A wonderful resource which looks at mini beasts, different environments they live in and comparing similarities and differences.

Living and Non-Living Things

A great resource where children learning about living and non-living things by sorting them, find out how they grow and see what living things live in the sea.

Plants and Animals

Find all the living things in the picture and then sort them by what they eat and where they were found.

Let's Talk About Insects

A great introduction to insects and lots of information to read through with children.

Remember When

Learn about the life cycle of a tree through looking through old family photos.

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Animal Homes

Children learn where animals live and sing old McDonald had a farm.

All About Plants

A wonderful resource where children look at the parts of a plant, find out what a plant needs, what plants we eat and how to grow a plant.

Plants Need Light to Grow

Children look at an on line experiment which shows how light affects plant growth.

The Salad Garden

Sort plants by their defining features such as roots, flowers, and leaves.

Parents and Kids

A memory game where children match the parent animal with the baby animal.

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