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Skyscraper Arrays

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through the heart of a bustling city? Look no further! Our latest educational resource is here to ignite your imagination and sharpen your math skills as you build your very own cityscape filled with colorful skyscrapers.

Introducing Our Skyscraper Worksheet

Our Skyscraper Worksheet is designed to engage young learners in a fun and interactive activity that combines creativity with mathematical concepts. With two versions to choose from, this worksheet offers a versatile

learning experience suitable for a variety of classroom settings.


Version 1: Cityscape

In this version, students have the opportunity to decorate four skyscrapers on a single page, creating their own bustling city skyline. Using colored squares provided on page 9, students adorn each skyscraper with vibrant windows, carefully arranging them into rows and columns. As they decorate, students also practice counting rows and columns, reinforcing their understanding of these essential mathematical concepts.

Version 2: Individual Skyscrapers

For those who prefer a more focused approach, individual skyscraper pages are available for decoration. Students select a skyscraper page of their choice and decorate it with colorful windows, following the same process of arranging squares into rows and columns. This version allows for greater customization and attention to detail, encouraging students to unleash their creativity as they design their skyscrapers.

How It Works

  1. Decorate with Windows: Using the colored squares provided, students decorate each skyscraper with windows, arranging them neatly in rows and columns.

  2. Count Rows and Columns: As they decorate, students count the number of rows and columns of windows on each skyscraper and write down the numbers in the provided spaces.

  3. Add Personal Touches: Students have the freedom to add additional decorations to their skyscrapers, such as doors, flags, or trees, to bring their cityscape to life.


Classroom Display

Once all students have completed decorating their skyscrapers, the cityscape comes together as a stunning collective artwork. Displayed in the classroom, the cityscape showcases the creativity and mathematical prowess of the entire class, providing a visual representation of their collaborative efforts.

Let Your Imagination Soar!

With our Skyscraper Worksheet, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're exploring rows and columns, practicing counting skills, or unleashing your artistic talents, this activity is sure to spark excitement and creativity in your classroom. So gather your materials, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to build a vibrant cityscape that will leave everyone in awe!

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