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Measuring Plants

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At Smart Boarding School, we're dedicated to fostering curiosity and exploration in young learners. We're excited to introduce a hands-on worksheet aimed at kindergarten and year 1 students who are delving into the world of measurement and plant growth: "Measuring Plants." With its focus on tracking and measuring the growth of a plant over time, this worksheet offers a dynamic way for students to engage with science and mathematics concepts while nurturing their green thumbs!

What is "Measuring Plants"?

"Measuring Plants" is a free worksheet designed to help kindergarten and year 1 students observe and measure the growth of a plant over a two-week period. By recording their plant's measurements and completing accompanying pictures, students gain valuable insights into the process of plant growth while honing their measurement and recording skills.

How to Use "Measuring Plants"

  1. Planting the Seed: Students begin by planting a seed in a small pot or cup and labeling it with the date. They then record the starting height of their plant in the first box of the worksheet.

  2. Tracking Growth: Over the next two weeks, students regularly measure and record the height of their plant in the remaining three boxes on the worksheet. They also complete a picture of what their plant looks like on day 1, day 4, day 10, and day 15.

  3. Observation and Reflection: As students observe their plant's growth, they reflect on the changes they see and consider factors that may influence plant growth, such as sunlight, water, and soil nutrients.


Learning Objectives

  • Scientific Inquiry: Through hands-on observation and measurement, students develop skills in scientific inquiry and investigation.

  • Measurement Skills: Recording the height of their plant over time helps students practice measurement and data recording skills.

  • Understanding Growth: By tracking the growth of their plant, students gain a deeper understanding of the concept of growth and change over time in living organisms.


Key Benefits of "Measuring Plants"

  • Hands-On Learning: Planting and measuring a real plant provides a tangible and engaging learning experience for students.

  • Cross-Curricular Connection: "Measuring Plants" integrates science and mathematics concepts, fostering interdisciplinary learning.

  • Life Skills: Engaging in gardening activities promotes environmental awareness and teaches students valuable life skills related to caring for living organisms.


Ready to embark on a growth journey with "Measuring Plants"? Click the button below to download your free copy from Smart Boarding School and inspire your kindergarten and year 1 students to become budding botanists!

At Smart Boarding School, we're committed to providing educators and parents with resources that inspire learning and foster curiosity. Join us in exploring the wonders of plant growth with "Measuring Plants."

Let's plant, measure, and watch our plants grow together!

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