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How Much Does Lunch Cost?

Teaching young students about money, especially in a practical and engaging way, can significantly enhance their understanding and confidence in handling currency. We are excited to introduce our free worksheet, "How Much Does Lunch Cost?" designed specifically for Year 1 and Year 2 students. This resource is perfect for helping students learn about Australian money through a fun and interactive activity. You can download the worksheet for free by clicking the button at the bottom of the page!

What’s Inside the "How Much Does Lunch Cost?" Worksheet?

Our "How Much Does Lunch Cost?" worksheet is created to make learning about money both practical and enjoyable for young learners. This worksheet includes a variety of activities that help students practice calculating the cost of items and adding up totals. Here’s what the worksheet entails:

  • Canteen Items:

    • At the top of the worksheet, students will find a list of

How Much Does Lunch Cost.png
    • canteen items with their prices. This helps them become familiar with the cost of different items they might encounter in a real-world setting.

  • Order Calculations:

    • Below the canteen items, there are different lunch orders that students need to calculate. They will help sell lunches at the canteen by adding up the prices of the items in each customer’s order to determine the total cost.

How to Use the "How Much Does Lunch Cost?" Worksheet

  1. Review Canteen Items and Prices:

    • Students start by looking at the canteen items listed at the top of the worksheet. They should familiarize themselves with the prices of these items.

  2. Calculate the Total Cost:

    • Next, students move on to the orders listed below the canteen items. They will calculate the total cost of each customer’s lunch by adding up the prices of the items in each order.

Educational Benefits

  • Money Recognition:

    • By working with real-life prices and items, students become familiar with the value of money and the concept of purchasing.

  • Addition Skills:

    • Calculating the total cost of lunch orders reinforces basic addition skills, helping students practice and improve their math abilities.

  • Practical Application:

    • This activity provides a real-world context for learning about money, making the lesson more relevant and engaging for students.

  • Interactive Learning:

    • The combination of visual recognition and calculation makes learning about money a fun and interactive experience for young students.

Download Your Free "How Much Does Lunch Cost?" Worksheet

Ready to help your students learn about money and practice their addition skills in a practical way? Click the button below to download your free "How Much Does Lunch Cost?" worksheet, perfect for Year 1 and Year 2 students. This resource is ideal for classroom activities, homework, or additional practice at home.

Equip your students with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently handle money. With consistent practice and engaging resources, they’ll be well on their way to mastering the basics of currency and math. Happy teaching and learning!

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