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Help the Doctor

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The "Help the Doctor" game is a dynamic and interactive barrier game designed to challenge students' positional and directional skills. Played in pairs, this activity fosters collaboration and critical thinking as students collaborate to complete the hospital scene.


How to Play

  • Game Setup: Download and print the game board from the provided link. Each player receives a copy of page 1, featuring a 5 by 6 grid with pre-placed hospital items. Additionally, print and cut out the pictures from page 2, representing various hospital supplies.

  • Pairing Up: Students pair up and face each other, armed with their game boards and

       picture cut-outs.

  • Giving Directions: One student assumes the role of the director, providing instructions to their partner. For example, "Place the bandage next to the clipboard," or "Position the patient with the X-ray under the needle."

  • Listening and Placing: The partner listens attentively and follows the instructions, positioning their pictures accordingly on their grid. Players take turns giving and following directions until the game board is complete.

  • Comparing and Discussing: Once all pictures are placed, students compare their completed game boards to ensure alignment. Any differences are discussed, encouraging communication and reflection.


Why "Help the Doctor" Excels

  1. Interactive Learning: The "Help the Doctor" game facilitates hands-on learning, actively engaging students in positional and directional concepts. Through physical manipulation of pictures on the grid, students reinforce their understanding of spatial relationships.

  2. Collaborative Engagement: This game fosters collaboration and teamwork as students work together towards a common objective. By exchanging directions and supporting each other, students enhance their communication and cooperation skills.

  3. Critical Thinking Development: "Help the Doctor" promotes critical thinking and problem-solving as students strategize to match their partner's instructions. Spatial reasoning and visualization skills are honed as students navigate the game.


Embark on a Learning Adventure with "Help the Doctor"!

Take your students on a captivating journey into positional and directional learning with the "Help the Doctor" game. Download now and witness the excitement as students immerse themselves in hospital logistics!

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