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Graph Template

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Are you searching for a versatile and free resource to support your students in learning about statistics and data representation? Introducing our "Graph Template" – a fantastic open-ended tool that can be used across various lessons to help students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 master the concepts of data collection and graphing.


How to Use the Graph Template

The aim of this template is to provide a flexible tool that students can use to represent different sets of data in a clear and organized manner.



  • Print the Template: Download and print the free graph template by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

  • Understanding the Layout:

    • The template includes 6 columns and 20 rows, making

    • it ideal for a wide range of data representation activities.

  • Data Collection and Representation: Students can use the template to graph various types of data they collect.

    • Labeling the Axes: Students should start by labeling the horizontal axis (X-axis) and the vertical axis (Y-axis) according to the data they are representing. For example, if they are graphing favorite fruits, the X-axis could have categories like "Apples," "Bananas," "Cherries," etc., and the Y-axis could represent the number of votes each fruit received.

    • Filling in the Graph: As students collect data, they can fill in the appropriate number of rows in each column to represent their findings. Each row could correspond to one unit of measurement, such as one vote, one item, etc.

    • Customizable Use: The graph template’s open-ended design means it can be used for bar graphs, line graphs, or even pictographs, depending on the lesson requirements and the creativity of the students.


Educational Benefits

The "Graph Template" resource offers numerous educational advantages:

  • Flexibility in Learning: This open-ended template can be adapted for various subjects and types of data, from simple tallies to more complex statistical representations.

  • Skill Development: Students enhance their ability to collect, organize, and represent data, which are critical skills in mathematics and real-world problem-solving.

  • Visual Learning: Graphs provide a visual way to interpret data, helping students better understand relationships and trends.

  • Critical Thinking: Using the graph template encourages students to think critically about the data they collect and how best to present it.


Examples of Use

Here are a few ideas on how you can integrate the graph template into your lessons:

  • Favorite Foods: Students survey their classmates about their favorite foods and graph the results.

  • Weather Data: Track daily temperatures over a month and create a line graph to show the trend.

  • Classroom Pets: Collect data on how many students have different types of pets and create a bar graph.

  • Reading Log: Graph the number of books read by each student in a month to encourage reading and track progress.


Get the Graph Template

Ready to help your students become data experts? The "Graph Template" is available as a free download. Click the button below to get your copy and start exploring the world of data and statistics with your students!


Empower your students with the skills to collect, organize, and visually represent data. This free template is an invaluable resource for any maths classroom, fostering a deeper understanding of statistics and data analysis. Happy graphing!

Graph Template Portrait.png
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