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Comparing Length - cm and mm

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Are your students ready to sharpen their measurement skills? Introducing "Comparing Length - cm and mm," a free worksheet designed for Year 3 and Year 4 students who are learning to measure length using centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm). This engaging and educational resource is perfect for helping students understand formal units of measurement and how to use a ruler accurately.


How to Use the Comparing Length - cm and mm Worksheet

The goal of this worksheet is to help students practice measuring lengths and converting those measurements between centimetres and millimetres.


Materials Needed:

  • A printed copy of the worksheet

  • A ruler with both centimetres and millimetres


  1. Print the Worksheet: Download and print the free worksheet by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

  2. Measure the Lines: Students will find several lines of different lengths on the worksheet. They need to use a ruler to measure each line accurately.

  3. Record the Measurements: Next to each line, there are two boxes. In the first box, students should write the length of the line in centimetres (cm). In the second box, they should write the length in millimetres (mm).

    • Centimetres (cm): Measure the line using the centimetre side of the ruler and record the length.

    • Millimetres (mm): Convert the centimetre measurement to millimetres by multiplying by 10, or measure directly using the millimetre side of the ruler.


Educational Benefits

The "Comparing Length - cm and mm" worksheet offers multiple educational benefits:

  • Understanding Units of Measurement: Students practice measuring and converting between centimetres and millimetres, reinforcing their understanding of these units.

  • Accuracy in Measurement: Using a ruler accurately is a fundamental skill, and this worksheet provides practical experience in measuring lengths.

  • Conversion Skills: Students learn to convert measurements from centimetres to millimetres, enhancing their numerical and conversion skills.

  • Attention to Detail: Precise measurement and recording foster attention to detail and careful work habits.


How to Get the Worksheet

The "Comparing Length - cm and mm" worksheet is available as a free download. Click the button below to get your copy and help your students master the art of measuring length!


Enhance your maths lessons with this valuable measurement resource. Your students will gain confidence in using a ruler and understanding length measurements in both centimetres and millimetres. Happy measuring!

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