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Animal Shelter

Are your students ready to embark on an exciting mathematical adventure? We are thrilled to introduce the Animal Shelter activity, a free downloadable resource aimed at Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6 students who are learning about adding decimals. This engaging activity not only helps students practice their math skills but also allows them to take ownership of the learning

process. Download it now by clicking the button at the bottom of the page!


What is the Animal Shelter Activity?

The Animal Shelter activity is a fun, interactive way for students to apply their knowledge of decimals in a real-world context. Students get to choose an animal to adopt from a list of six options: fish, rabbit, bird, cat, mouse, or dog. They then shop for the necessary items to care for their pet, including shelters, food, and extra items, all priced in decimal amounts. This activity is designed to make learning about decimals both practical and enjoyable.


How the Activity Works

  1. Choose an Animal: Students begin by looking at page 1 of the download, which features items available for purchase at the animal shelter. They can choose to adopt one of six animals: fish, rabbit, bird, cat, mouse, or dog.

  2. Select Items: After selecting their pet, students need to buy the necessary items to care for it. This includes a shelter (e.g., fishbowl, rabbit hutch, bird cage), food (e.g., fish food, lettuce, bird seed), and extra items (e.g., water bottle, dog collar).

  3. Fill Out the Table: On page 2 of the download, students will find a table where they must write down the price of each item they have chosen. They will then add up the total cost, practicing their decimal addition skills in a meaningful context.


Why Use the Animal Shelter Activity?

  • Engaging and Interactive: This activity allows students to make their own choices, giving them a sense of ownership and making the learning process more engaging.

  • Real-World Application: By using prices in decimal amounts, students get to practice adding decimals in a context that mirrors real-life situations.

  • Flexible Use: The activity can be used in various settings, including individual practice, group work, or as a fun classroom competition.


Benefits of the Animal Shelter Activity

  • Enhances Math Skills: Students practice adding decimals, an essential math skill, in an engaging and practical way.

  • Encourages Decision-Making: Students make decisions about which items to buy, fostering critical thinking and decision-making skills.

  • Real-Life Context: The activity provides a realistic scenario where students can see the practical application of math in everyday life.


How to Get Started

Ready to bring the Animal Shelter activity into your classroom? Click the button below to download the free resource and start engaging your students in a fun and educational math activity.


Empower your students with this engaging and educational activity that makes learning about decimals both fun and meaningful. Happy teaching!

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