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Roll a Story

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Narrative writing is an essential skill that kindergarteners need to develop. As educators, we strive to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for our young learners. Today, I am thrilled to introduce a free worksheet called "Roll a Story." This worksheet is designed to spark creativity and provide a structured approach to narrative writing.

To access the "Roll a Story" worksheet, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the download button. This worksheet is a valuable resource that will enhance your students' imagination and storytelling abilities.

The "Roll a Story" worksheet utilises a simple but effective concept. Students will roll a die three times and use the corresponding numbers on the grid to determine the different parts of their story.

During the first roll of the die, students will discover the main character for their story. The grid on the worksheet offers a variety of interesting characters, from brave superheroes to adorable animals. This element will set the foundation for their narrative.


With the second roll of the die, students will select the setting of their story. The grid provides an array of captivating environments, such as magical forests, bustling cities, or even the depths of the ocean. This step will allow students to create a vivid backdrop for their narrative.


The last roll of the die determines the problem that the main character will face in their story. The grid offers a range of exciting challenges, such as lost items, unexpected encounters, or difficult decisions. This element adds suspense and engages students in creative problem-solving.

The "Roll a Story" worksheet is an excellent tool to foster creativity and develop storytelling skills in kindergarteners. By introducing an element of chance, students are inspired to think creatively and adapt their stories based on the elements they roll.

As educators, we play a vital role in guiding students through this process. Encourage them to brainstorm ideas, discuss their character's traits, and prompt them to think about how their character, setting, and problem can be interwoven to create an engaging narrative.

Ready to infuse excitement and creativity into your kindergarten narrative writing lessons? Click the button below to download the "Roll a Story" worksheet and embark on a thrilling storytelling adventure with your students.

Happy storytelling!

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