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Build a Silly Sentence

Build a Silly Sentence.png

If you are a teacher looking for a fun and engaging way to teach writing, grammar or reading skills to your kindergarten, year 1 or year 2 students, then look no further than the Build a Silly Sentence activity. This free printable activity can be downloaded at the link below and is perfect for use during writing lessons, reading groups, literacy rotations or grammar lessons.

The Build a Silly Sentence activity is a simple yet effective way to teach students about sentence structure, parts of speech and basic grammar rules. The activity involves students picking words from a pile of cards and using them to build a silly sentence. Students start by picking an article and putting it on the yellow spot, then they pick an adverb and put it on the orange spot, they pick a noun and put it on the pink spot, then they pick a verb and put it on the purple spot, and finally, they pick a location and put it on the blue spot.

Once all the sentence parts have been found, students read the silly sentence they have created. For example, it may say "The sleepy doctor hops in the library." This activity allows students to be creative and choose the words they want to use to make a sentence. The sentences they make are usually funny and silly, which makes the activity engaging and enjoyable.

After creating their silly sentence, students then write the sentence on their own, making sure to use a capital letter, full stop and correct spelling. This reinforces the basic rules of sentence structure and helps students understand how to construct a grammatically correct sentence.

The Build a Silly Sentence activity is also an independent activity, which makes it perfect for use during literacy rotations or small group work. Students can work independently or in pairs to create their sentences, which allows for differentiated instruction and student-centered learning.

Overall, the Build a Silly Sentence activity is a fantastic resource for teachers looking to teach writing, grammar or reading skills in a fun and engaging way. The activity encourages creativity and independent learning, while reinforcing basic grammar rules and sentence structure. To download the free printable activity, simply click the link below and print it out for your students. Happy teaching!

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